Saturday, September 25, 2021


Volunteering / Internship opportunities

Career Level: Volunteering / Internship opportunities
Job Type: Full Time
Education Level: Ordinary Level or higher

Once you graduated or left your school, it is difficult to find a job in the industry you prefer. Greengrow Agriculture here you to help. We are specialize in Tissue Culture Plant production. We are looking for an agriculture enthusiast to grow with us to skill up your expertise in the field of agriculture. You can work our Laboratory or in the nursery or both. It is depend on your skill, knowledge as well as enthusiasm

• Training period – Up to 12 months.
• Position available – 2 personal.
• Allowance – No Allowance provided.
• Other benefit – Free Shared Accommodation near Laboratory.

If you happy to inquire, please submit your resume with written answer to the following questions. Email Subject should be – “Volunteering/Internship opportunities”
• 1. How do you support your mother/father in your day to day life?
• 2. Do you have agriculture/farming background?
• 3. What are the major horticulture crop you grow at your home?
• 4. As a student or school leaver, what are the skill you gain during your education?
• 5. As a company, how do they pay for their employees, please elaborate?
• 6. Do you like to start your own agro business in future?
• 7. How you support a company to success in the business, what are the benefit you gain once they success in their business?
• 8. As an employee, how do you describe yourself?

Our emails addresses:
We are busy with day today business work. Please do not call for inquiries. Email is the best way to communicate.

Thank you!



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