Saturday, March 6, 2021


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Bamboo Dendrocalamus species

උණ බට වගාව – Bamboo

Bamboo Dendrocalamus speciesBamboo Dendrocalamus speciesBamboo Dendrocalamus speciesBamboo Tissue CultureBamboo Tissue Culture Bamboo Current Status of our...
Orchid - Dendrobium

උඩවැඩියා මල් වගාව -Orchid

Orchid - DendrobiumOrchid - DendrobiumOrchid - DendrobiumOrchid Tissue Culture

ඇන්තුරිම් මල් වගාව – Anthurium

AnthuriumAnthuriumAnthuriumAnthurium-GA1Anthurium-GA4Anthurium GA2 Anthurium Chocolate Giant Anthurium tissue cultureAnthurium tissue culture
Greengrow Banana - Amban

කෙසෙල් වගාව – Banana

Greengrow Banana - EbulGreengrow Banana - EbulGreengrow Banana - Dwarf AmbanGreengrow Banana - Dwarf AmbanGreengrow Banana - Dwarf AmbanGreengrow Banana - Dwarf...