Banana Tissue Culture – කෙසෙල් පටක රෝපණය

The greengrow process of making your quality Banana plant for your garden or farm

Carefully selected banana plant
Carefully selected banana plant

The Greengrow process of making your quality Banana plant for your garden or farm

Carefully selected sward suckers are taking from the various growing field in Sri Lanka. Label them according to the variety, field and lot information and the date. Kolikuttu, Amban & Suwadel is our main varieties in Tissue Culture.

Banana field
Well grown Banana field

Final selection of the plant when preparing the culture and removing damage suckers. Culture on the media consists of well-known plant growth regulator and plant food.

Carefully selected plant material for culture
Carefully selected plant material for culture

After two months, randomly select plantlet from each lot and doing virus induction for banana streak virus (BSV), Yellow Sigatoka, Panama wilt,  Banana bunchy top (BBTV), Panama. If cultures are identified as positive, we will destroy all culture in particular lot to maintain our quality of the plants

After 12 months, 6 round of multiplication, Banana plants in the highly controlled environment at our lab now ready to move into the normal environment. The process call acclimatization, allow us to prepare the sensitive banana plant into a more robust and environment-friendly plant.  This process takes 2 to 3 months.

After 15 months your quality virus free Greengrow Banana plant ready for you.



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